Online Sissy Slut Ttraining
Sissy’s are inferior, and must submit to a Mistress; if you would like to inquire about an opportunity to submit to Me; you must apply by submitting the form below, along with a recent picture of you and $50 tribute to review your application.

Application Tribute





Chastity Fantasy

Laws regulating male sexuality are among the first glimmerings of Female supremacy, mandatory male chastity, follows instantly once women achieve supreme power.

You will send Me daily pictures wearing the chastity device, your cock is so insignificant; it is best to keep it locked. Pleasing me will be the only hope that maybe one day you will be allowed to play with your tiny cock.

And I will tease you all day, every day to turn your punishment into a true torment, you are not worthy of enjoying the pleasure of an orgasm…!!!


Your dick is too small anyways. Let’s lock it up.



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