I follow the safe, sane and consensual ethics.  I do not engage in dangerous or illegal activities.  While I take the lead in domination, I effectively work with those who entrust themselves to me in order to arrive at the desired outcome; whether online or in real time sessions I am always in control and aware of my play partner/slave safety, safe words (with consensual slaves), are always respected.

My Story

I am a natural born Domina; long before I was aware of my sexuality. I grew up in Mexico City, but moved to Tx when I was 15 years old. Naturally I married a submissive male, and five years after marriage we enter the world of BDSM. I was fortunate to find great mentor’s in Houston, Tx. I learned the sub-disciplines, protocols,slave training, all of it…I was so thirsty for knowledge, and a desire to satisfy many fetishes of my own. After training with Mistress Meana RoseI became a Pro- Dominatrix consciously following my call for the craft, I began my professional career as a house staff dominatrix at The Cat’s Lair learning from Mistress Cat. I met Femocracy in the Spring of 2017 and it was only natural to become part of the ultimate Female Supremacy State. I continue to evolve in my journey, an I invite you to begin, or continue this journey with Me.



Play Style

I am a Disciplinarian by nature, my style is strict, severe, at times I can become a bit/lot sadistic  yet sensual and playful. I love taking, and orchestrating Dominant female Role Plays. I require complete and utter submission that is what truly makes me happy, I do not tolerate any sort of disrespect, foul language, poor manners,etc.



Personal Life

I am a Lifestyle Mistress; however I do have a normal life in which I am a mother, a sister, and a wife. My favorite hobbies include gardening, reading, writing,and blogging. I am an always evolving person who loves the Arts, languages ( I speak three), magic, occult arts,theology, and Hermetic Laws. I am a fashionista, love dressing up,enjoy traveling, wine tasting, fine dinning,and oh I am a glamorous Lady.